Many Great Features & Benefits

Why Choose eCatalog?

Manage All your Products from one spot

eCatalog makes it easy to sell your products on various sales channel by using our platform to distribute your products across all major online markets.

  • Boost Sales
  • Centralized product location
  • Multi-Channel Inventory

Get reports with a few clicks

See how your business is tracking product sales and customers from your mobile device.

  • Product Sales Report
  • Customer Order History Report
  • Product Planning and Regression (beta)
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Shipment Integration

Setting up all of your different shipping provider couldn’t be easier. Just select them from the shipping providers menu, then your information automatically integrates with all of your active marketplaces.

  • Hassle-Free Shipment Tracking
  • Send tracking information from your shipping companies straight to your sales channel.
  • Use multiple shipping providers for your stores

Centralized Management Screens

All of your pending and processed orders are located in one centralized place, so you can see which items need to be packaged, shipped, and tracked without ever having to switch screens.

  • Search for orders by Order ID
  • Filter orders by stores
  • Filter orders by order, payment and shipping status

Customer Engagement

Helps you know your customer demographics. Know who's buying from you.

  • Customer's Directory
  • Location Tracking
  • Google Analytics integration

Catalog & Product Information Management (PIM)

Our platform provides sophisticated catalog management capabilities making it simple and elegant to manage even the most complex B2C and B2B product lists. Manage digital and physical products using flexible properties structures.

  • Multiple store catalogs
  • Physical products
  • Digital products

Warehouse Management Integration

The Platform provides an industry leading document based order management functionality. It can be integrated into complex enterprise workflows - including many leading ERP and fulfillment systems.

All Plans Come With

No sign-up fees. No long-term commitments.

  • Product Catalog
  • Ecommerce/Online Store
  • Software Updates
  • Customer Manager
  • Multi Channel
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Content Management System
  • Themes
  • Audit Trail
  • Event Logging
  • Access List Control
  • 24/7 Support
  • Apps Marketplace
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Reports